RivingtonHark Embraces Expansion of ESG Initiatives, Demonstrating a Dedication to Enhancing Environmental, Social, and Governance Efforts

As part of RivingtonHark’s continuing commitment to ensure our assets are sustainable places – in both financial and environmental senses – PV panels have been installed on the roof of Castle Quarter in Norwich, which is one of the largest assets in the portfolio. The transition towards cleaner, renewable energy as part of the overall strategy at our assets has become increasingly important given our focus on environmental responsibility and reducing the carbon footprint of our schemes where we can.

The PV panel installation at Castle Quarter is expected to provide renewable energy equivalent to 5% of the power consumption at the centre and will also reduce the scheme’s reliance on external energy sources and help to protect against rising energy costs. The initiative is part of a wider sustainability strategy at Castle Quarter which has included installation of LED lighting, recycling food waste to create biofuel to power homes and EV charging points in the car park.

Mark Harvey, Head of Asset Management at RivingtonHark commented “We are delighted to have completed the installation of these PV panels as it marks another significant step on the asset’s sustainability journey. This initiative is part of a wider strategic sustainability plan being implemented and underlines our dedication to reducing the environmental impact of our centres.”