Brand new bouldering centre, Indirock, opened its doors in March and brings a new lease of life to the Victoria Centre

RivingtonHark are delighted to announce that bouldering wall business Indirock has officially opened in Southend. The bouldering wall – which is housed in a 7,500 square foot former retail unit on the first floor- represents an exciting shift in the use of retail space within the Victoria Centre.

Starting as the dream of husband and wife Emily Vermont and Gordon Conroy in 2019, Indirock was supported on its journey by Southend-on-sea and RivingtonHark in transforming a long-term empty unit within the Victoria Centre and turning it into an exciting new space.

Indoor climbing wall Indirock seeks to give locals and visitors the opportunity to bring some adventure to their every day, by taking part in one of the UK’s fastest growing pastimes. Bouldering is the simplest form of rock climbing, no need for ropes or harnesses. Just a pair of shoes, some chalk and you’re ready to go. Which means it has something for everyone: from experienced climbers to complete beginners. Currently welcoming adults and children aged 6+, and with classes starting for younger children in April.

Emily Vermont, Founder and CEO of Indirock, says: “We are beyond excited and relieved to finally have opened our doors to the public after three years of tireless work. We felt strongly that we didn’t want to be one of the voices complaining about our high street – instead we wanted to be part of a new chapter. With the council buying the Victoria Centre at the end of 2020, and Southend’s new status as a City, the opportunity is even greater for Indirock to contribute to the area which we love and call home.”

A passion for climbing, as well as a social conscience, inspired the business to be built on 3 fundamental aims:

●        Creating the most accessible bouldering wall in Southend

●        Being part of the revival of the town centre

●        Supporting vulnerable young people from the local area into work

Indirock’s mission aligns with many of Southend Borough Council’s 2050 Plan ambitions: to connect and involve the community; encourage locals to be active and ultimately create a sense of pride and joy in Southend.

Mark Harvey, Executive Director and Head of Asset Management at RivingtonHark says: “This letting is an important first step in our journey to revitalise the centre and, in particular, our aim of bringing in more leisure and community based facilities. It has been great to deal with the Co-founders of the business who are passionate about the project and the positive impact this initiative will bring to the local community. We share their vision and think that Indirock is the perfect catalyst for our wider plans for the asset and we are thrilled to have them open within the centre and ready to go for Easter”.