Let's Talk Fareham Town Centre

On behalf of Fareham Borough Council RivingtonHark is leading a team to develop a regeneration strategy and action plan for the town centre following the Council’s recent acquisition of the shopping centre.

As part of developing the strategy we are engaging with the public and interested parties to garner opinions and ideas.  The first stage of this consultation concluded in December and Fareham Borough Council has recently published its initial findings.  The team was both delighted and astonished at the level of feedback.  We received input from more than 1,000 residents, businesses and visitors throughout November and December 2023 on the future regeneration of Fareham Town Centre.

Analysis showed that a total of 285 hours had been spent providing feedback on wide-ranging themes such as the town centre’s usefulness as a place to shop or spend leisure time, the changing retail environment, how people travel in and around the town centre, being proud of the town centre, and the roles housing and design will play in any future regeneration of the town centre.

The feedback, together with wider technical work, has informed the first stage in the regeneration process, leading to five key strategic objectives that will used to guide and influence future plans.  These are:

1) Address connectivity issues – in particular creating a safe and secure evening link between Fareham Live and West Street;

2) Consolidate retail and introduce new vibrant uses (including housing);

3) Make the most of Fareham’s inherent qualities;

4) Make the Town Centre more attractive; and

5) Create a unique selling point/points.