Embracing Equity

It's International Women's Day, and at RivingtonHark we are celebrating all the women in our lives who have helped us become the successful company that we are today.

At RivingtonHark, we are committed to diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our business, and we are proud of the fact that our team reflects the diversity of our clients and partners.

We’re proud of the fact that we have a wide range of ages, backgrounds, and genders represented on our team.

RivingtonHark is made up of 35% females throughout our team and across senior positions. We are committed to increasing that figure as we grow.

We also want to acknowledge the women we work with in our property management partnerships and who work in the assets we manage. They bring incomparable value to us and our clients.

We know that having a diverse workforce is good for business and good for people. It means bringing different perspectives into our decision-making process, which ultimately helps us deliver better results for our clients. It also means creating an inclusive environment where everyone feels they can thrive—and where everyone feels comfortable being their true selves at work.

We wanted to take a moment to celebrate some of the women at our company who do incredible things:

Neelum Choudhury

Neelum Choudhury – Head of Sustainability  

When it comes to #embracingequity, I revert back to my foundation of strong females; my family, my friends and my colleagues past and present. All who have worked, continue to work, or choose to stay at home. They are fearless individuals who advocate equity in everything they do. 

 #Embracingequity is a journey, and I am continually learning how to do it better; recognising everyone has different circumstances, and the need to allocate the correct resources and opportunities needed to achieve an equal outcome. One thing I am sure of is that there is a place for everyone.

Amy Blackwell

Amy Blackwell - Director, Asset Management 

The most inspirational women in my life from an early age instilled the values of hard work, true grit, gratitude, love, care, support and giving the most precious gift of time to others.  

I have not had a woman manager in my 16 year career. I hope that walking the talk with ensure my daughter does.

Handan Guler – Senior Asset Manager 

Today, I would like to celebrate the power of #embraceequity by acknowledging the support of the organisations I have worked in and the wonderful network of people who have provided me with equal opportunities. Where I am today, is a clear testament to #embraceequity.

Edie Cockrell

Edie Cockrell – Operations and Marketing Manager 

For me, #embracingequity, and advocating for diversity and inclusivity, is about creating a culture where everyone feels comfortable bringing their true selves into whatever the scenario is. 

I have been lucky in my life to be surrounded and supported by some incredible women, and my current workplace, RivingtonHark is no exception.  

I try and make sure I spend time every day to listen and learn from the women in my life, and advocate for them. And I feel confident that they do the same for me.