RivingtonHark are proud to be hosting one of the longest green walls in the UK that helps make Liverpool City Centre greener and more environmentally sustainable.

Liverpool has just become cleaner and greener thanks to the installation of a ‘living green wall’ on the exterior of St Johns Shopping Centre.

Spanning 65 metres in length, the living green wall is one of the longest in the UK and has been installed as part of a project which seeks to increase green space in urban areas, improve air quality and support health and wellbeing.

The project is being led by The Mersey Forest and is funded through the EU Horizon 2020 project Urban GreenUP. The installation, filled with over 14,000 evergreen plants, encourages bees and other pollinators, whilst making the city centre greener and more environmentally sustainable.

Green wall at Liverpool St. Johns

The installation of the Green Wall has gained significant media coverage. The full article on Liverpool Express can be found here