After 2 years of unprecedented challenged faced by real estate, experts share their predictions for 2022.

“While the future of the high street has never been more uncertain, there is reason to be optimistic. That’s because the conversation is now focused on people not property: creating brilliant places for them to live, work and play.

A modern city centre should be masterplanned, with strategically considered retail; a vibrant food and beverage offer, including independents and big names; leisure pursuits, both indoor, such as cinemas and theatres, and outdoor, such as green spaces for exercise or relaxation; and community amenities including homes, educational and wellbeing facilities.

The regeneration of Swansea, on which RivingtonHark acts as development manager for Copr Bay phase one, is a case in point. With affordable homes, a new arena and a better connection between the urban realm and the natural setting through active travel infrastructure, Copr Bay is a benchmark for how we can reshape our cities to be authentic to their natural assets and heritage, as well as places where people thrive in 2022 and beyond.”