First Plans submitted for Shrewsbury Town Centre scheme

Following weeks of public consultations in the autumn, the first in a series of planning applications for the Smithfield Riverside regeneration project was submitted and registered by the LPA just before Christmas.

If approved, this application will enable the demolition of the Riverside Shopping Centre and the delivery of key enabling works for future phases.  These enabling works include the creation of a new public park, that will create a new bio diverse, attractive meeting place with multi-generational play facilities, whilst ingeniously helping to address both flood alleviation and site levels.

These initial enabling works are all being delivered within the £19 million levelling up grant from the UK Government.

Spencer Winter, Project Director at RivingtonHark, commented:

“This planning submission is an important first step in making Smithfield Riverside a reality. The plans will truly unlock the development potential of this area of the town centre, as well as deliver a world class new public space.”

“It’s been great to view the positive comments on the proposals and see that the majority of the public and regional stakeholders are aligned with our thinking, and we’re all pulling in the same direction. The comments and opinions we received have helped influence and shape today’s application.”