Max Lewis spends an action packed week at RivingtonHark. Considering whether he wants to follow in his father’s footsteps or get a proper job!

He got the opportunity to learn about our asset management, development and placemaking activities across projects in Enfield, Shrewsbury and Leeds including some very essential window shopping with potential Leeds retailer.

Day 1 – Max spent some time with Edie, Operations and Marketing Manager, getting stuck in to all things admin! He was a great help, and made sure all our files were organised, helped us update our records, and even made us some new signs for the office to facilitate our work towards becoming a more sustainable business.

Day 2 – Andrew and Will, who work in Development and Asset Management took Max through one of our projects in Enfield. They spoke about each of their roles, how they differ, and which part of the project timeline they come into contact with. They helped Max put together a presentation to present at the end of the week, to show us everything he has learnt over the time he spent with us.

He also attended a few meetings for our project in Romford, and spoke about all things luxury with our resident sartorial expert, Rob Hadfield.

Day 3/4 – An overnight trip to Shrewsbury! One of our most recent, and most exciting projects, Max accompanied David and Spencer to the beautiful, historic town of Shrewsbury. They were shown round the local area by members of the council, and explored RivingtonHark’s role in rejuvenating the town centre.

There was also time for a quick game of pool!

Day 5 – Max spent the day pulling together all of the information he learnt over the week, and perfecting his presentation, ready to present to an audience of 4 of our employees – including Directors and senior management!


We really enjoyed having Max along for the ride this week – he was an amazing help to all of the departments in our business – and we hope he got a good idea of everything we do here at RivintonHark.

“The highlight of my week at RivingtonHark was the two day trip to Shrewsbury, the commute into London and being able to work with all the lovely staff at the office.”

Thanks again, Max!

Good luck in your future endeavours, and we hope you enjoyed your first look at the world of work!