Copr Bay, Swansea

Copr Bay is a core element of the transformation of Swansea city centre with Phase 1 seen as a major catalyst for future development, centred on a new, iconic, digitally advanced live entertainment venue and conference centre.


To Rejuvenate Swansea City Centre after 25 years of failed attempts


RivingtonHark have led the planning, development and successful delivery of the £135m Copr Bay Project. It successfully opened in 2022 and has acted as the catalyst for additional private sector investment into Phase 2


Copr Bay is the kick start  of the transformation of Swansea city centre. It is centred on a new, iconic, digitally advanced, 3,500 capacity live entertainment venue and conference centre, all of which is now open.

Ambassador Theatre Group were secured to operate the venue. The scheme also provides, extensive new public realm, a hotel, 33 residential units, new restaurants and new public parking against a background of a digitally enabled infrastructure.

The venue is set in the first urban park created since Victorian times and is linked to the city centre via a dramatic new pedestrian bridge. Fundamental to the project is the connectivity of the city core to the outstanding Swansea Bay.

Phase 1 went on site in November 2019 and completed in 2022.   It also created the master plan for Phase 2 which will include further residential units; offices and leisure facilities. Urban Splash have been secured to bring this forward.

Project Details

Our Role:
Development Management / Placemaking / Ideation /
Financial Management / Leasing Management.

Swansea Council


Mix of Uses

3,500 capacity arena

Public realm

Public Realm


Car park




Watch the timelapse construction footage

RivingtonHark has been instrumental in Swansea Council delivering its largest ever development in ‘Copr Bay’ that is already proving to be a transformational project and catalyst for future growth.  From original concept to completion of the build they have led the project and development team with huge professionalism, dedication and passion.  As part of the process Rivington’s leasing activities have been second to none, helping us secure Ambassador Theatre Group to operate the Arena to now an over subscription of local independent businesses wanting representation in the scheme.  The authority is very grateful for Rivington’s massive contribution to our city.

Huw Mowbray

Property Development Manager, Swansea Council

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