Tunbridge Wells

Royal Victoria Place Shopping Centre, Tunbridge Wells

RivingtonHark have been appointed by the owners of Royal Victoria Place to take on the Asset  Management of the scheme

  • 13% day one saving made to the Service Charge with no drop in service.
  • In solicitors or completed with 50% of the tenants who were holding over or had less than a year term certain at the time of acquisition.
  • Replaced Wilko’s who went in to administration immediately prior to acquisition to PoundStretcher, activating a large frontage with a complimentary use.
  • Under-offer or completed with new tenants to the scheme achieving a positive c. £260,000 net income swing.
  • Agreed with the organisers of the Subbuteo World Cup 2024 to host 10 pitches for customers to use within the mall.
  • Met and presented to various Council groups, as well as the Town Forum and Paris Chairs, regarding the purchase and ongoing management of the centre.
  • Attended the Business Improvement District Board Meeting, ensuring engagement with local businesses.
  • Improved Fenwick signage outside the main entrance to Royal Victoria Place.
  • Assisted the council in their presentation to the cabinet regarding a Shopping Centre Car Park refurbishment and ways to mitigate lost income throughout its development.

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Tunbridge Wells Borough Council

August 2023

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