Newcastle is known for its vibrant art and culture scene, and the city has recently welcomed a new addition to its art landscape – a stunning mural in Ridley Place. The new mural will be one of several colourful additions commissioned by Newcastle City Council to the city centre this year.

The mural is the work of street artist and Newcastle-native, Peter Manning, who is known for his large-scale murals and community art projects. Peter Manning’s vibrant and bold pop-art creations draw influence from his history in print-making, and showcase an amalgamation of the colourful and eclectic spirit of the reanimated city centre.

The murals, which are sure to become a popular attraction for tourists and locals alike will play a role in the placemaking for Ridley Street and the surrounding area:

In addition to the murals, over the next few months new street furniture and planters will be installed, with a pocket park created near to Northumberland Street – providing a place to relax and enjoy the new surroundings. There will also be new chain lighting across the street to illuminate the area and offer opportunities for artwork and other installations to be displayed.

The new mural is a significant addition to Newcastle’s public art collection and is a visual celebration of the city’s cultural heritage. The mural is a testament to the city’s thriving art and culture scene and serves as a symbol of Newcastle’s unique identity. The project has had a positive impact on the community, bringing people together and creating a sense of pride in the city. The new mural is a must-see for anyone visiting Newcastle and is sure to become an iconic landmark in the city’s cultural landscape.

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