Fareham Shopping Centre, Fareham

RivingtonHark act as asset managers for the premier destination for leisure, entertainment, shopping and parking in the heart of Fareham.

Objective:Having supported Fareham in their purchase of Fareham Shopping centre, to now work with them in Asset and Development Management of both the asset and wider town centre provide a more vibrant and mixed use offering for the residents.



Working with Fareham Borough Council and their advisors we secured the purchase of the shopping centre in an off market transaction and at a significant discount to historically traded prices. The next phase is to significantly improve the asset as well as helping develop a strategy to transform the town in general. This will involve active asset management as well as significant stakeholder engagement and public consultation on the emerging plans. A key priority is to evolve the evening economy ; improve civic facilities and provide better routes though the town.

Fareham shopping centre was built in the 1970’s and extended and refurbished in various phases over the years. In total it is circa 500,000 sq ft and sits adjacent to the Civic quarter; public car parks and High Street. The new Fareham Live entertainment facility is directly behind the asset and opens in 2024.

Project Details

Services provided
Investment | Asset and Development Management; alongside placemaking and stakeholder engagement strategies.

Fareham Borough Council


Mix of Uses




Food & Beverage

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