Fareham Shopping Centre, Fareham

RivingtonHark act as asset managers for the premier destination for leisure, entertainment, shopping and parking in the heart of Fareham.

Key Accomplishments –

  • Reviewed and streamlined marketing budget achieving a 50% saving.
  • Renegotiated service delivery and fee structure with commercialisation partner
  • Undertook a complete tenant audit and continue to attend shopping centre tenant meetings.
  • Engaged with comms team at the council to ensure cohesive response to queries following the acquisition.
  • Exceeded our 100-day business plan since acquisition
  • Set out a clear and actionable business plan mitigating rates, engaging with popup/community uses in tandem with medium term national operators to secure the cash flow
  • RivingtonHark were instructed to undertake wider Master planning exercise. Key stakeholder meetings and workshops have already been held, with the first Stage of consultation completed and presented within 3 months following over 1,000 responses and 285 hours of feedback.
  • Currently in the process of Stage 2, with workshops having already been held with officers regarding highlighted opportunities.
  • Found a solution in regards to evening access through the centre to allow for easier permeability between the new Fareham Live theatre and West Street.
  • Engaged with various departments within the council to ensure synergy between the asset management of the centre and the wider town. This has resulted in a number of the open air initiatives being trialled within the centre. i.e. Monday market, Children’s Sandpit.

Project Details

Services provided
Investment | Asset and Development Management; alongside placemaking and stakeholder engagement strategies.

Fareham Borough Council


Mix of Uses




Food & Beverage

Car park