RivingtonHark awarded with a Bronze Medal

RivingtonHark are in the top 22% of the real estate linked companies that Ecovardis has evaluated in the last 12 months!

Along with many of our investor partners RivingtonHark, is putting a lot of thought and effort into ways that ensure we are making the biggest difference possible through our ESG activities.

As part of our commitment to measuring how we are doing we have recently been evaluated by Ecovadis, a leading sustainability rating agency, and are delighted to have achieved a Bronze Medal from the assessment this year.

First Stage of the Smithfield Riverside Regeneration Project Approved

RivingtonHark is delighted that Shropshire Council’s Planning Committee voted to approve the first stage of the Smithfield Riverside regeneration project in Shrewsbury this week

We have been working alongside Shropshire Council since 2022 on Smithfield Riverside – the ambitious regeneration project set to transform the area between the River Severn, the Darwin shopping centre and Roushill in Shrewsbury town centre.

Financed from £19 million of Levelling Up money, this approval enables the demolition of the Riverside shopping centre and former Riverside medical practice, paving the way for key enabling works on site for further phases of the scheme.

It also permits the delivery of a landmark new public park adjacent to Roushill, improving connectivity with the river, contributing to the flood adaption measures and helping to breathe new life and vibrancy into the area, as well as improving biodiversity in the town centre.

Demolition work is targeted to start this Summer and construction of the new park is expected to get underway before the end of 2024.

This is a key moment in shaping the future of Shrewsbury town centre with the plans that were approved laying the ideal foundations to develop something truly transformational.

Government Funding for Regeneration - Revo Seminar

David Lewis, Executive Director, shares his views and experience as part of the expert panel on Government Funding for Regeneration at Revo seminar

Missed the webinar?  Then Revo members can watch the recording on RevoComms


Rivington Land Turns 10

David Lewis, Executive Director and original founder of Rivington Land shares via social media his personal thoughts and feelings on the 10th anniversary of Rivington Land.

Rivington Land & Hark Group merged to form RivingtonHark in 2019

“10 years ago I sat at my dining table with a blank sheet of A3 paper thinking how to set up a business – the outcome was Rivington Land.  Fast forward 10 years and that business has evolved into RivingtonHark a successful development and asset management business at the forefront of reinventing and repurposing our town centres.  We are active in 16 towns and cities via a portfolio of investment portfolio and development projects with a combined value in excess of £1Bn, including 10 shopping centres under management, 6 major mixed use regeneration schemes and several strategic advisory roles for major shopping centre owners.

It has been an incredible journey filled with amazing people, influential clients, and incredible projects. Thanks to John Laker my former boss and mentor who helped me set up Rivington in the early days; Mark Williams and David Henderson-Williams of Hark for identifying the benefits of combining shopping centre asset management and specialist development management to create the RivingtonHark of today, and importantly, all the valued team members that have worked with me at Rivington.

A developer at heart, I am pleased to say we have been privileged in the last 10 years to have delivered Chester Northgate and Copr Bay Swansea whilst also making significant contributions towards the delivery of Ikon at the O2 and St James’ Edinburgh. I cannot mention the last 10 years without a special mention to our clients at both Cheshire West and Chester and Swansea Councils, with whom we have worked very closely and navigated some of the most challenging economic circumstances that can be thrown at any development.

Growing and guiding this business over the last decade has been one of my proudest achievements, yet I remain equally excited about the next 10 years. I am often heard saying that having spent over 20 years building retail property I am about to spend the remainder of my career knocking it down. There is an element of truth to this given the inherent oversupply of space. However, I still believe that retail is a vital component to any vibrant town centre. Fortunately, it appears I am not alone in this sentiment as is being demonstrated via the footfall growth we are seeing across our portfolio. Our objective therefore is simple (!!) “rightsize” and improve the retail offer whilst delivering a much broader spectrum of uses within better and more attractive environments. Easy!

So many towns and cities still need to reinvent, repurpose, and regenerate themselves in the aftermath of retail structural change (growth of online) and changing consumer behaviour accelerated by a global pandemic. Places once dominated by retail need to adapt. Our business’ understanding of retail and leisure environments, our experience in managing successful assets, combined with the ability to imagine and deliver meaningful change, in my view (and yes I am biased!), puts us in a great position and points to another busy decade.”

Initial Findings From Fareham Town Centre Consultation Published

Let's Talk Fareham Town Centre

On behalf of Fareham Borough Council RivingtonHark is leading a team to develop a regeneration strategy and action plan for the town centre following the Council’s recent acquisition of the shopping centre.

As part of developing the strategy we are engaging with the public and interested parties to garner opinions and ideas.  The first stage of this consultation concluded in December and Fareham Borough Council has recently published its initial findings.  The team was both delighted and astonished at the level of feedback.  We received input from more than 1,000 residents, businesses and visitors throughout November and December 2023 on the future regeneration of Fareham Town Centre.

Analysis showed that a total of 285 hours had been spent providing feedback on wide-ranging themes such as the town centre’s usefulness as a place to shop or spend leisure time, the changing retail environment, how people travel in and around the town centre, being proud of the town centre, and the roles housing and design will play in any future regeneration of the town centre.

The feedback, together with wider technical work, has informed the first stage in the regeneration process, leading to five key strategic objectives that will used to guide and influence future plans.  These are:

1) Address connectivity issues – in particular creating a safe and secure evening link between Fareham Live and West Street;

2) Consolidate retail and introduce new vibrant uses (including housing);

3) Make the most of Fareham’s inherent qualities;

4) Make the Town Centre more attractive; and

5) Create a unique selling point/points.

RivingtonHark unveils Revamped Covered Mall and Modern Facilities at Palace Shopping in Enfield

RivingtonHark proud to announce completion of refurbishment works in Enfield.

After an exciting phase of anticipation and hard work, the covered mall next to Waitrose at Palace Shopping in Enfield has undergone a stunning transformation, bringing customers a refreshed look, and upgraded amenities.

As Strategic Asset Managers and Development Managers for DWS, RivingtonHark are advising on the transformation of the centre through improvement, repositioning and redevelopment and the mall refurbishment represents the first phase of the improvement works.

The main focal point of this refurbishment is a new ceiling that infuses the space with a brighter atmosphere, featuring timber effect baffles and modern lighting fixtures, the ceiling revitalises the mall, creating an inviting and more comfortable shopping environment.  The mall has also seen the introduction of new seating, finished in natural oak and modernisation of the customer amenities with a contemporary and stylish design of the toilets, accessible and baby change areas.

Andrew Goodwin, Development Manager at RivingtonHark commented “Palace Shopping is a central part of Enfield’s shopping offer and this much needed revitalisation project is a core part of the town centre improvement strategy.  It aims to significantly enhance the overall shopping experience benefitting everyone. We have strived to create a more appealing, convenient and usable space for our valued visitors, and we’re thrilled with the results achieved thus far.”

The completion of this initial phase marks a pivotal moment for Palace Shopping, signalling a commitment to further improvements.  Planning consent has been secured for external improvements in the public square and entrances which are due to begin in Spring bringing improved public realm, lighting and seating to the centre of Enfield.

Plans submitted for Smithfield Riverside, Shrewsbury

First Plans submitted for Shrewsbury Town Centre scheme

Following weeks of public consultations in the autumn, the first in a series of planning applications for the Smithfield Riverside regeneration project was submitted and registered by the LPA just before Christmas.

If approved, this application will enable the demolition of the Riverside Shopping Centre and the delivery of key enabling works for future phases.  These enabling works include the creation of a new public park, that will create a new bio diverse, attractive meeting place with multi-generational play facilities, whilst ingeniously helping to address both flood alleviation and site levels.

These initial enabling works are all being delivered within the £19 million levelling up grant from the UK Government.

Spencer Winter, Project Director at RivingtonHark, commented:

“This planning submission is an important first step in making Smithfield Riverside a reality. The plans will truly unlock the development potential of this area of the town centre, as well as deliver a world class new public space.”

“It’s been great to view the positive comments on the proposals and see that the majority of the public and regional stakeholders are aligned with our thinking, and we’re all pulling in the same direction. The comments and opinions we received have helped influence and shape today’s application.”

Castle Quarter Installs PV Panels on Roof

RivingtonHark Embraces Expansion of ESG Initiatives, Demonstrating a Dedication to Enhancing Environmental, Social, and Governance Efforts

As part of RivingtonHark’s continuing commitment to ensure our assets are sustainable places – in both financial and environmental senses – PV panels have been installed on the roof of Castle Quarter in Norwich, which is one of the largest assets in the portfolio. The transition towards cleaner, renewable energy as part of the overall strategy at our assets has become increasingly important given our focus on environmental responsibility and reducing the carbon footprint of our schemes where we can.

The PV panel installation at Castle Quarter is expected to provide renewable energy equivalent to 5% of the power consumption at the centre and will also reduce the scheme’s reliance on external energy sources and help to protect against rising energy costs. The initiative is part of a wider sustainability strategy at Castle Quarter which has included installation of LED lighting, recycling food waste to create biofuel to power homes and EV charging points in the car park.

Mark Harvey, Head of Asset Management at RivingtonHark commented “We are delighted to have completed the installation of these PV panels as it marks another significant step on the asset’s sustainability journey. This initiative is part of a wider strategic sustainability plan being implemented and underlines our dedication to reducing the environmental impact of our centres.”

Smithfield Riverside, Shrewsbury, Public Consultation

First Round of Public Consultation

Between 18th October and 15th November the project team led by RivingtonHark, undertook the first round of public and stakeholder consultation as the emerging plans for Smithfield Riverside including a new park on Roushill.

Across 8 separate events, a public consultation and website the team engaged with close to 15.000 individuals and organisations.

Formal feedback showed support to the proposals from over 70% of participants.